Thank You For Another Great Year!

Thank you to all our corporate sponsors, individual donors, volunteers and drivers for helping us deliver 511 care packages to cancer patients, young and old, at 17 infusion centers throughout metro Denver for Valentine’s day 2016.

Thank You to All of Our Corporate Sponsors!

Project Valentine Would Also Like to Thank:

Eve Akeman

Bob Ambrosius

Kathy Anderson

Denise Andreasen

Susan Burdick

Melissa Colon and Creekside Elementary School

Molly Cresswell and Young Lives

Bernadette Estus

William Holmes

Jay Hoselton

Dean Koelbel

Mike Leikem

Sue Milton

James O’Brien

Vickie Olson

Marianne Owens and family

Pine Grove Elementary – Pine Grove Education Alliance

Scott Rigsby

Janice Ryno

Ellin Sickler

Tom Sickler

Hollyn Stegal

The Ladies of Broomfield Methodist Church

Jennifer Washock and the students of Ashland University in Ohio

Bradley Wiss

Marion Zietz

Sean Horsley

Jane Hoselton